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The BlaggersBanquet: the event22 Nov 2009 by Ailbhe

Well, we did it! The combined efforts of London Food and Drinks Bloggers produced one of the liveliest events in the London food scene. With the generous support of many food and drink producers and retailers, various luxury and consumer brands, not to mention the wonderful people at Hawsmoor Steakhouse, who loaned their lovely restaurant, the first Blaggers’ Banquet has been deemed a success.
The idea of the LFDB hosting a charity event was the brainchild of Niamh Shields of eatlikeagirl. Niamh is the creator of the LFDB, a social forum for food and drink bloggers in London. Fresh to the world of blogging I joined the forum in August and this was my first opportunity to meet any of the bloggers. And what a great event to start with.
Niamh suggested to LFDB members her idea of raising funds for Action Against Hunger by creating a pop-up restaurant at an existing restaurant location where the cooks, bar staff and front of house would all be LFDB members. Where all the drink and menu ingredients would be donated. Not only that, she wanted an auction to start on evening and continue for the following few weeks. Simple. We all met at the Draft House in Clapham (while still under refurbishment) where Niamh proceeded to whip everyone into action. Hawksmoor had already offered their restaurant (which showed amazing trust and confidence) and within a very short time frame bloggers were busy blagging. The response was simply fantastic. Donation offers came flooding in and suddenly we knew that this was going to be an incredible experience for all involved.

D-Day, Sunday 15th November, arrived and Hawksmoor was full of bloggers, prepping, cooking, unpacking, stocking, tweeting, polishing and rearranging tables. Goody bags began to stretch at the seams as they were stuffed full of tasty produce, goodies, vouchers, discounts, drinks and information. Produce was delivered (a special thanks for the wonderful Fish for Thought who drove up from Cornwall to deliver the fabulously fresh monkfish then turned around to drive home!!). Raffle and and auction items were identified and stacked. Wines were matched by Denise to compliment the menu devised by the cool kitchen goddess Sig. Sig and the kitchen team of Neil, Charlie and Danny worked tirelessly in the compact kitchen and delicious aromas started to waft out.

Suddenly 5.30pm struck, the first diners arrived and the evening kicked off. Canapés, accompanied by Chapel Down sparkling wine, cocktails and ales appeared and disappeared in a flash. Diners took their seats and the feast began. I won’t go through the menu (others have done so more eloquently here on the Blaggers’ Banquet blog) but you can view the lovely menu above. I will say that the mozzarella from Laverstoke Park, lamb from Donald Russell and the chocolate fondant cake made with chocolate from Trish Deseine were de-lic-ious (I was working so no time for eating, just tastes here and there). Oh, and the cheeses courtesy of Pong’s, Trehowan’s Dairy, Brockhall Farm and the Barbers 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar were lovely too.

Blaggers Banquet Event 1.109
Towards the end of the sumptuous meal, with equally sumptuous wines, the raffle took place and the diners had the joy of even more goodies! Then the auction began and fuelled by the air of generousity which seems to blow through this whole event we had some great items reaching some fantastic prices. All in all the evening raised over £6000 for Action Against Hunger.
Blaggers Banquet Event 1.123
But the really GREAT news is the the Auction is still ongoing.
Click through to the Blaggers’ Banquet ebay Auction and start bidding. Each day a new item will be added so you need to keep checking back. Some of the events, courses and items being offered are unique so it’ll be well worth the effort. Plus every day new donations are coming in.
Being foodie bloggers we’re greedy for more success, definitely a case where ‘Greed is Good’. So start being greedy : )
Blaggers Banquet Event 1.81
And finally, I have to say that I had a great time. I worked with Susie and Linda on goodie bags gatherings making sure every guest left with a bursting bag and had an opportunity to meet some of the lovely food bloggers out there. Alexis, Abi, Kavey, Mathilde of the pointy shoes and Billy to mention but a few. And would I do it again next year?
Absolutely yes!
Blaggers Banquet Preparation81


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